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Becoming a Good Leader

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Becoming a Good Leader

When you work and things do not seem the happen the way you want them to, do you get annoyed? Or laugh it off?

When you see people surrounded around the coffee machine or gathering together around the canteen area sharing their misery, are you the one to join in or the one to stay back and do your own thing?

Are you an achiever who gets their goals done well on time? Or are you a laggard who just does enough to get by? Either way, maybe its time to do something to be at the forefront of thinking in your organisation.

You will find many people are happy to just wait around to take instructions and do as little as they can to get through their working day. On the other hand, there are some people who want to take the initiative to get things taking the bull by the horns to get things done. Which one would you say you are?

The management thinkers of the world are divided into two parts, some believe leaders are born and some believe that leaders are made. Whichever you believe it is inevitable that without regular practice, drive and lots of enthusiasm leaders will not exist.

To become a leader, you will need to continually be working towards improvement and studying to upskill yourself at all times, you will need commitment and the drive to succeed in your journey. You need to be able to influence and support others to accomplish their goals as well as being a team player.

Being a leader is not about exerting your power, authority or harassing people into feeling pressurised, you will need to encourage others to become stakeholders in your organisation. You need to ensure everyone is on the same page by ensuring transparency and keeping everyone in the loop.

When your staff does not like you, it will be a struggle to gain their respect, it is important to get your staff to follow your lead, you will find this is much easier when you have a clear sense of purpose. It is important for your staff to know where they are going and how and they are going to get there.

Think about it, if you were working for a leader and he did not know where they did know where they were going would you have any confidence in them? How many times have you been in that situation? To be sure that you are a good leader rule number one, have a vision and make it unambiguous to your staff otherwise they will not follow you.

Know your systems and processes and underpin them with quality, being a leader is not just about what you instruct others to do it is also about who you are, what you know and what you do.

You will also find that people need to have faith in you as a leader to build their confidence and trust, if they don’t trust you they will rebel, however when they trust you they will go to the worlds end to support you in your objective.

Building trust and confidence takes time and is earnt, generally through having principles and ethics supported by good values and understanding of people’s needs. It is important that you engage with people correctly and build good relationships based on empathy and your capabilities to lead.

Communication is imperative for good leadership; without effective communication, the message is never received and will come back to haunt you. Learn how to not be judgemental and ensure you listen well to both the pros and cons of any argument prior to making any decision.

It is also important to include others in your decision-making process, empower them to support you in your decision-making processes as key stakeholders. Give credit to your staff when they are on point, reward and praise them as often as you can. Support them to improve their skills and help to raise their aspirations. Work cooperatively with others and you will reap the rewards.

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