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Homeschool - staying connected

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Homeschool - staying connected

The world has become a maze of knowledge. Whenever you turn, you find new zones and fruit that deep down inside you know needs to be passed on to your children. In the midst of all this knowledge surrounding you, we sometimes forget to reason and reach out to our children. In this day and age, a parent has to double up as a  parent and the teacher, it difficult at times to leave the teacher behind and simply become a tentative parent for a few hours every day.

Reach out and listen to your child. Do not just hear the words coming out of their mouth, but notice their emotions too. Children can find it difficult to express exactly what they want to say. Reach out to your child about general stuff they want to talk about and allow them to be 'just a kid'. When you reason with your child, ask for their views and opinions. Few things please them more. It also adds to their self-confidence.

As parents, we can have the tendency to interrupt when our children talk to us. We, as adults, dislike it when someone cuts across our communication lines. Children keep quiet and retreat into silence when we shut them down. This can be unhealthy and unfair. Work at allowing your children to have their say and then express their views and opinions in a rational manner. This will help your child should have the confidence to confide in you.

Gentle parenting is the key to successful homeschooling. Be a parent first, and then a teacher second.

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