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Discipline in Home Learning

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Discipline in Home Learning

When your child is at home and you become their tutor, you may find it hard to maintain discipline. It is easy for your child to think that they are free to do what they want to do because they are at home. This can become an issue and you will need to nip it in the bud from the beginning. It is imperative that you get your child into a routine with their studies.

Although you will be put to the test you will get through, remember you and your child have the flexibility and with this, in hand, you and your child can determine the best times for them to learn and come to an agreement between you both on how much to learn and when learning will take place.

Learning from home does not have to be six hours a day, two to three hours of quality learning is sufficient to develop your child. You could potentially start with one subject per hour or the same subject with different activities. It is completely up to you and your child as to what method is best suited to their needs.

Keeping your child focused is the key to successful home-learning, in order to achieve that objective you have to remain focused and determined to see you, child, through their learning journey. You can mix up activities until you find the right one and see how your child reacts to certain learning tasks. You may find they react to some tasks better than others, log them down and eventually develop your own method that works for you both.

Remember there are no exams or supervision from school with you so it is very easy to lose your way, apply your discretion and put together a schedule that you both can comply with.

When doing work with your child you can try things like supervising them whilst they get going and then leave them on their own for a while to see if they maintain the discipline to complete their work. You can also set them homework to complete on their own that will help you to measure how well they perform on their own, whether they complete it or not is the question, you are putting this in place to see how effective your child is learning on their own initiative. When they do not complete you can speak to them as to why they did not complete and what they could do better next time to complete. Praise them on what they have completed correctly to motivate them to do more. When they have completed encourage them to do more on their own, you could put a small library in your child’s room for them to access as and when they like. Set tasks for them to read certain books and assess them on those books by setting some key questions as to what happened in those books.

Timekeeping is an essential part of life, work on your child’s timekeeping and embed this into their learning until it becomes a part of their life, this could take a matter of years so be patient they will thank you for it when they become adults.

It is advisable to ensure that your child addresses you correctly and has the right manner of approach in terms of language expression, many children today are very lost when it comes to using the English language and refer to slang, it is this same lay language slang that will ostracise them from society when they become adults.

In today’s society, it is not easy to get children on track due to so many distractions, however, you shape you and your child’s world, it is the perception that you create that your child will mold into. When you take steps to establish the ground rules and include your child into their learning you are on the right track be sure not to stop just keep on going no matter what hurdles you and your child have to face those emotions in themselves are life lessons for you both to learn.

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Becoming a Good Leader

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Becoming a Good Leader

When you work and things do not seem the happen the way you want them to, do you get annoyed? Or laugh it off?

When you see people surrounded around the coffee machine or gathering together around the canteen area sharing their misery, are you the one to join in or the one to stay back and do your own thing?

Are you an achiever who gets their goals done well on time? Or are you a laggard who just does enough to get by? Either way, maybe its time to do something to be at the forefront of thinking in your organisation.

You will find many people are happy to just wait around to take instructions and do as little as they can to get through their working day. On the other hand, there are some people who want to take the initiative to get things taking the bull by the horns to get things done. Which one would you say you are?

The management thinkers of the world are divided into two parts, some believe leaders are born and some believe that leaders are made. Whichever you believe it is inevitable that without regular practice, drive and lots of enthusiasm leaders will not exist.

To become a leader, you will need to continually be working towards improvement and studying to upskill yourself at all times, you will need commitment and the drive to succeed in your journey. You need to be able to influence and support others to accomplish their goals as well as being a team player.

Being a leader is not about exerting your power, authority or harassing people into feeling pressurised, you will need to encourage others to become stakeholders in your organisation. You need to ensure everyone is on the same page by ensuring transparency and keeping everyone in the loop.

When your staff does not like you, it will be a struggle to gain their respect, it is important to get your staff to follow your lead, you will find this is much easier when you have a clear sense of purpose. It is important for your staff to know where they are going and how and they are going to get there.

Think about it, if you were working for a leader and he did not know where they did know where they were going would you have any confidence in them? How many times have you been in that situation? To be sure that you are a good leader rule number one, have a vision and make it unambiguous to your staff otherwise they will not follow you.

Know your systems and processes and underpin them with quality, being a leader is not just about what you instruct others to do it is also about who you are, what you know and what you do.

You will also find that people need to have faith in you as a leader to build their confidence and trust, if they don’t trust you they will rebel, however when they trust you they will go to the worlds end to support you in your objective.

Building trust and confidence takes time and is earnt, generally through having principles and ethics supported by good values and understanding of people’s needs. It is important that you engage with people correctly and build good relationships based on empathy and your capabilities to lead.

Communication is imperative for good leadership; without effective communication, the message is never received and will come back to haunt you. Learn how to not be judgemental and ensure you listen well to both the pros and cons of any argument prior to making any decision.

It is also important to include others in your decision-making process, empower them to support you in your decision-making processes as key stakeholders. Give credit to your staff when they are on point, reward and praise them as often as you can. Support them to improve their skills and help to raise their aspirations. Work cooperatively with others and you will reap the rewards.

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Learning with Your Child

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Learning with Your Child

When you are educating your child from home, be sure to understand that there will be up and downs and some emotional moments when you will have to ask questions about yourself, the key is not to give up on yourself, when you give up, it is your child who loses out.

You will need to find a method to monitor and track your child’s learning progress, you can create a grading system or find out what your Childs current grading system is. An example for grading could be A+ = 90%% above, A- = 80% above B+ = 70% above B- = 65% above C = 65% above C- = 60% above D = 40% above F = Fail.

Identify the support for your Childs learning needs and link yourself into networks that can assist you in developing your Childs learning. Do not worry about any doubts that may come to mind, this is normal behaviour it will get easier as you go forwards. The key is to surround yourself with like-minded parents who share similar experiences and are prepared to assist when you need each other.

When you study the curriculum for your child be sure to understand that this is just a framework for their learning you can make adjustments and integrate your own learning methods. It is best to make changes when you see your child may not be engaging, if it not broken don’t fix it. However when you see your child is struggling to grasp knowledge in a standard format then change it and make it suitable for their learning needs. The key is to explore through learning and underpin any knowledge obtained.

When setting the standard for your learning environment get your child involved in the process, ask them what they would like to learn and how? What are the best times they would like to study? What sort of rewards would they like to receive when they achieve? Although not everything your child asks for may be possible you can compromise with your child. You will find making an agreement with your child to learn involves your child in the process for their learning something they are not generally asked to be involved in, this can create a level of ownership and responsibility from your child to perform because they made the choices and were involved in the decision making process.

When teaching your child look for these signals:
1) Is there an eagerness to learn?
2) Are they working hard work and putting in lots of effort?
3) Are there traits of self-discipline or do you have to watch over them all the time?
4) How are they managing their time and patience?
5) Do they like flexibility or a set routine for their learning?
6) What is your child’s level of enthusiasm to learn?

7) What is the standard of work being produced?

8) What does your child think they need to improve and how they could possibly improve?

It is imperative that you are motivated to teach your child, knowing where you are in the learning process will give you the indicators that you need to perform better for your child. When you are at work you would be appraised on key performance indicators (KPI’s), children work much in the same way, it is important for your child to know when they are improving and the areas they need to improve in. It is also very important that you know what your child’s weaknesses and strengths are to be able to support them to raise their level of attainment.

Think of teaching your child like they are employing you to learn, write up an agreement between you and your child, you may find it fun. When you have issues and meet barriers bring out the agreement and identify what your child agreed too and what you agreed too. Always bear in mind when something is not working an agreement should be flexible, be sure to understand that the best agreements are when both parties involved have their say and are represented equally in the agreement.

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Choices in Life and Decisions.

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Choices in Life and Decisions.

Life is one big road with a lot of signs and symbols, these roads can be rocky, narrow, wide, bendy, have potholes or be straight. Whatever road you have to face in your life journey it is how you handle yourself that determines your destination.

What is your destination? To achieve a degree? To get married? To get better health? Have a lovely holiday? To become a millionaire?

Whatever road you choose can lead to success or failure, therefore these roads can be seen as the roads to happiness or sadness, a journey towards victory or defeat. Many of these roads are a crossroads when you doubt yourself in what direction to take next. It is your choices and decisions that you make based on your knowledge bank that will determine which road you will take when at the crossroads in life. What is the guarantee when you make your choice? Are you the type of person to just take any road or would you just stay put?

Life has only one guarantee

One does not really know where life will take us, what we do know is that the only guarantee we have in life is that we will end our lives in the flesh one day, in my opinion, this is the most important realisation that we have to accept to truly appreciate life.

Making your choices and decisions that work out for you does not always necessarily lead to happiness, hence when you love someone with all your heart does not necessarily mean they will love you back in the same way. Becoming a millionaire does not necessarily mean you will be content with what you have. Gaining your dream job does not necessarily mean you will be well rewarded and appreciated in your dream job role. There are so many possible outcomes that you have no power over, what you have the power over is how you react to the situations you will meet on your road ahead.

Face your life head-on

Have you ever had a gut instinct that something might not be right and then gone along with it anyway? Then it goes wrong and you tell yourself I should off listened to myself.

Had you known that things would go wrong would you have gone along with it anyway? If we could make choices and decisions already knowing the outcomes could you imagine how life would be?

This is the beauty of life, no matter how much we moan and groan about our problems without them we wouldn’t have any challenges in life, it is this uncertainty that drives us forwards in life. Why would you make a choice or decision if you already had the answer? This is why we need to see our lives differently and start to engage with ourselves from a different viewpoint when things go wrong. Think like however, I will succeed because I am determined to succeed and when I do not succeed I will learn how to improve myself.

Take the risk: decide

Having the viewpoint that life has no guarantees equips you to face adversity when you meet it head-on, hence taking a risk in life should be paramount to your thinking, playing supper safe can lead to static behaviour and unavoidable cobwebs in the back of your mind. I could of, I should of, I would of, would you have really?

Seizing opportunities can lead to problems in life, however, they can also lead to successful outcomes. When opportunity knocks that is the time to move towards your adventure, whatever happens, you would have done what you wanted and not have to look back in life.

Putting things into perspective you have the choice to be a wandering vessel or an illuminated star, whatever you do be aware of hazardous behaviour. Take risks and always ensure you have a contingency plan, taking a risk does not mean you have to be careless.

Here are some indicators that you may find helpful going forwards:

Gather information and research about what you want to do.

Making choices and decisions are best when you are well informed, it is difficult to summon up confidence with very little information about your road ahead. When we drive a car we use maps and sat-nav, would you drive to a destination and not have any directions to hand for you to know where you are going to?

Who is going to be involved? When is it likely to happen? Where is this going to lead too? Why am I wanting this change? How will this change affect my life? What is the risk involved? What would be the consequences of those risks?

These are just a few important questions you could ask yourself prior to taking action.

 Identify Risk

What options does the situation give you? Sometimes the options are few, but sometimes they are numerous. But what do you do when you think that the situation offers no options? This is the time that you could create your own. Make your creative mind work. From the most simplistic to the most complicated, entertain all ideas. Do not shoot anything down when an idea comes to your head. Sometimes the most outrageous idea could prove to be the right one in the end. You can ask a friend to help you identify options and even make more options if you encounter some difficulty, but make sure that you make the decision yourself in the end.

Weigh the pros and cons of every option.

Draw a line down a page on one side put pro’s and the other con’s, make a list on both sides of the page, weigh them all up. This will help you to gain a better insight into your inner thoughts and guide your decision.

Captain of a ship is a very lonely person

When you have weighed up all your possible options, you are now on your own to make that final decision, that’s right even with the support of others the final decision is with you. You may feel lonely and unable to trust yourself. It is for you to know and believe in yourself when you choose the road you want to go forwards in life. Whatever you do don’t turn back on your decision see it through to the end or you’ll never know what the destination would have been. The worst that can happen is you’ll learn something new.

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The Reality about homeschooling

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The Reality about homeschooling

Having a nightmare homeschooling in the present situation?

Wishing the schools were open to taking the pressure off you?

This is the message I am hearing day after day from parents, nobody says homeschooling is plain sailing, like many things in life there are a downside and an upside that has to be taken into account when entering into the unknown.

First and foremost, teaching your child in the current situation now rest totally on you, how does that feel? Welcome to the real world, you cannot lay the blame anywhere else to teach your child, your child needs to excel and gain skills and knowledge.

Well, parents, you’re now smelling the coffee, how easy was it to forget that a school is a service run by the authorities, a child’s schooling in life must come from you, the school can only teach a child from a structured curriculum. You teach a child from your heart and soul because they are your child. When your child cannot perform to the level expected from their age group, who is that reflecting on? the solution is generally to give them extra tutoring. How do you know if your tutor is worth the money you are paying if you have not taken the time to learn about tutoring yourself?

Take this time you have now to become an educator as well as a parent, find out what is really involved when schooling a child, open your hearts and minds and embrace learning, after all, real-life learning is taught at home. More and more parents are now teaching their children from home, this gives them the option to have a say in forming their child mindset to engage with society.

You can now have your say, so stop the moaning and get on with it. What are you actually losing out on? gaffing with your friends? Shopping? watching your favourite programs? Think about it, even we are conditioned to put minor things as important in front of our child’s education at times. Dedicate the time you have now into ensuring your child improves in their learning.

The critical component in homeschooling is the time that you dedicate with your child, although this may be challenging at times it is essential, the rewards will be fulfilling not only for your child but also for yourself.

Parenting and educating can seem difficult, however, it is you who set the agenda, think about how you will manage and bring innovative thinking into your life.

When you're cooking do you call your child to learn?

 When you're washing do you get your child to put on the machine?

When you're going shopping do you get your child to make a list and calculate the cost or come with you to see how much money you can save whilst shopping?

When doing the family budget do you get your child involved to identify their expenditure? these are just a few things you can do to get your child involved in your lifestyle whilst learning valuable skills.

Your environment can be centred around your child, this will allow you to get on with your chores whilst engaging with your child to do practical exercises that will plant the seeds for their life ahead.

When operating your home environment in this manner you will raise awareness in your child to see every opportunity as a learning experience, as a parent you now have a say in shaping and forming your child’s mindset. It is so easy to miss the finer points in life when schooling our children, yet we expect them to conform and respect us based on what they learn from the limited time they get with us.

Children are like a sponge they absorb information, my question to you as a parent is how much time do you really sit back away from the rat race and think about how you are going to educate your child?

When you start to enjoy educating your child, your child will start to enjoy being educated, although this may take some time, children love routine and it is the routine that you install into their beautiful minds that will program them for the future.

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Motivating Yourself For Self-Improvement

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Motivating Yourself For Self-Improvement

What is the reason why people change?

What do you think Would make you complete the changes you keep putting off?

Making and doing things wrongly is a key reason why people change, when we do not meet certain standards required to progress in life is also another key reason for the change. When we get into financial arrears can also lead us to change.

Our world can bring a lot of negatives which makes it difficult to motivate ourselves, I have put together some tips that you may find helpful.  

A – Aim to achieve your dreams. Avoid people who think negatively, stay away from negative environments. Your future is in how much you truly believe in your dreams.

B - Believe in your dreams and yourself.

C - Consider what matters to you from every perspective and facet. Motivation is the lover of determination, the ability to learn from life should be embraced willingly.  

D – Giving up is for the light-hearted not for the headstrong. Thomas Edison failed hundreds of times before he came up with his invention and perfected the light bulb.

E – Enjoy what you do in life, rather than just living for money. When you express yourself express do it as if nobody is seeing you. Spread love like nobody has ever hurt you before. Learn the beauty of life as if you only have a very short time left to live. Real motivation works best when you are happy and feeling free in the world.

F - Family and Friends are to be appreciated and not taken for granted. Don’t lose the connection that you have with them.

G - Give and don’t expect to receive back. What goes around must come around.

H - Harness yourself to your dreams. Allow your dreams to be your driving force.

I - Ignore negative thoughts and those that carry them. Some people can be self-defeating do not allow these people to hold you back.

J - Just Do whatever you want to do without overthinking it. Too much analysis can become paralysis. The key to succeeding in life is to be yourself,  the key to failure is when you seek to be all things to all people. You can please some of the people some of the time, you cannot please all of the people all of the time.

K - Keep going forwards no matter what happens, eventually you will see the improvement in your life.

M - Make your dreams a reality by believing in them even when others doubt you.

N - Never rain on someone else’s parade to showcase your parade, it cost nothing to step back and allows others to get ahead with their dreams too.

O - Open your mind to the universe, receive the energy that is there in abundance for you to lock into too.

P - Practice does not make perfect, it is perfecting practice that amounts to perfection.

Q - Quitters do not finish their journey. People who preserve do not quit. The question is which one do you want to be?

R - Reassure yourself daily that you will succeed in whatever you do. Tap into your inner self and build that resilience from within.

S - Stop postponing. Just go for it and work it, make a plan and do your thing.

U - Understand effective communication, you have two ears and one mouth, utilise them in that order.

V – Visualisation is imperative for you to succeed, find images and create a storyboard, project thoughts that you want to see manifest. Write down your thinking regularly.

W – Willingness to go above and beyond to achieve your goals.

X - X-Factor, what is the unique selling point that makes you unique?

Y – You, value who you are, what you want to be and how you’re going to go about getting what you want no matter how long it may take you.

Z – Zero, stay clear of the zero-sum game when you start from zero the next step is one and then you’re on your way, so take the first step, nothing from nothing leaves nothing.

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Preparing Your GCSE Teenager For The Next Step

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Preparing Your  GCSE Teenager For The Next Step

When teenagers start to mature into adults, we as parents can become more distanced from their learning and allow them to get on with their learning by themselves. Although this may seem to empower, at times it can be the worst thing to do, think of yourself as a teenager, were you ready to learn by yourself seriously?

In the current environment with the GCSE examination situation, many parents have allowed their teenagers to regress into doing nothing justifying it with the fact that they have no examinations to work towards and their grades will be based on previous work submitted. Although I hear your cry I have to disagree with that stance, a teenager needs routine and more importantly, their brain is forming at the GCSE stage to take on a higher level of learning. A four to five-month gap in their learning means when they start back into further education their brains are not agile enough to cope with the pace of learning, hence they are playing catch up and getting left behind.

What are doing as parents when handing over the schooling of our teenagers to the authorities? when we do this we no longer have the reigns, in my opinion, we as parents need to ensure that our teenager's minds are moulded and agile enough for them to go into further education ready, able and fit for purpose.

We cannot afford to discontinue their learning, they have been put into a position that is no fault of their own, can you imagine working so hard and being told that all your hard work is no longer relevant? on the other hand, some of us may have the late starters who did not take their mock examination seriously. Many of them will have to face getting poor results and perhaps having to take entrance examinations, which means they need to be well prepared to be assured of doing well.

When you are experiencing issues with your child look for interested networks online who can support you to teach your child, these support networks have on board thought leaders, share experiences and are very used to giving assistance to parents who are struggling with their teenagers learning. When you take the next step you are on the road to sustaining and improving your child’s intelligence levels, motivating your child to continue learning as well as giving your child a healthy mindset.

Many parents worry because the thought of maths, science and literacy subjects can be daunting especially when you may have been out the schooling system for some time. Whatever your circumstances always remember you are doing this for your child, not yourself, your battle now is to ensure that your child gets prepared for what is to come. You cannot afford to waiver or second guess yourself, lead by example and all will be revealed.

In my opinion, the underlining foundation for homeschooling is any teenager that has the capacity to grow, develop and achieve their potential needs to be supported to do just that. Give them the right environment and access solutions to aid their growth, be there to provide solutions when they meet mental barriers, be there to give them prod and push when they are feeling somewhat demotivated.

Being a parent in today’s environment means we have to be warriors to get our children through their learning hurdles and prepare them for an ever changing world.

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Recommended Daily Relaxation

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Recommended Daily Relaxation

Stress seems to be common practice whilst living and working in modern times, it seems we all have some sort of stress issues in one way or another. It is the stress that affects our minds, bodies, and emotions.

Have you ever had one of the days you're all stressed out and absolutely knackered?

What do you do? Generally, go home and do more chores because you feel they have to be done and it just becomes never-ending, this is the time you just have to switch off and do nothing no matter what needs to be done your state of mind must come first.

Many of us sit in front of the TV to relax, although this may seem like you are relaxing you are actually bombarding your mind with commercials and information from the sounds and images giving you more intensity on the brain.

The ideal way to relax is to have no mobile, no TV, no distractions whatsoever, find a calm place to rest your mind even for five or ten minutes to switch off from the world that you exist and give yourself some quality time. Gently breathe in, and gently putting your mind into a place where you want to be that is peaceful and harmonious.

Research shows that anxiety, heart failure, anger, and restlessness are linked to mental stress, too much stress builds up inside is not good for your health and well-being. This is precisely why relaxation is essential for us all, yet still, we will press on in our lives with pressure after pressure not actually realising what we are doing to ourselves. There is nothing more important than life itself yet still we seem to take it for granted or forget how important life itself actually is.

Stress can drive us to anger tantrums, binging, excessive use of substances or pills. Managing our stress levels is essential for us to have better and more rewarding lives.

Meditation is an excellent method to calm our stress, you do not have to be an expert all you have to do is something as simple as breathing and mind-clearing exercises and you will see a difference.  People who practice meditation are significantly healthier than those of us who don’t.

Other forms of relaxation are taking a nice hot bath with candles and oils, walking in a peaceful park, sitting quietly by a canal, river or by the sea and listening to the stillness of the water and imagine the water clearing your mind. Listening to calm music like Japanese water music or music that is calm and puts you into a tranquil mood.

When you practice this approach to life repeatedly you will find that in time total relaxation will come and you will be able to give your spirit, mind, and body what you need to have more fulfillment in life.

These approaches to relaxation are just some of the ways that you can lower blood pressure, reduce chances of stroke and heart attack, stress can suppress your immune system, when you relax you give your immune system time to recover and in doing so your immune system will function more efficiently. Your brain also needs to rest from the frantic pace of everyday life, create a lifestyle of harmony and give yourself what you deserve a life that is calm and easy at a pace you can endure and enjoy.

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Happiness comes from within

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When you're feeling low and look around you how does your current environment make you feel? Does it make you feel invigorated or drained and fed up?

When life gets a little bit much and it seems like there is nowhere to turn to get a little happiness, who do you turn too?

What do you think would make you truly happy? It’s one of those questions that evoke your thinking onto the next level. When do we ask ourselves questions like what is the meaning of my life? What would make me happy in my old age? How do others manage to get a good healthy lifestyle? It generally leads to taking a long hard look at ourselves from within.

There are some people in life that can be just as happy when they are stressed as when they are not stressed, then there are some people no matter what they have they are always moaning and groaning. It is these thoughts that led me to express my opinions on the key driver for inner happiness?

I have been asked the question many times how does one become genuinely happy with oneself in life?

My advice given is to learn to love yourself, seeking genuine happiness from within starts with a love of self, one must learn to love, how to spread love to others that in turn manifest itself into you being surround by love.

We live in a world where many of us are wary about giving our love towards another human being either by an act of kindness or in a relationship due to previous experiences. It is ironic that the thing we most long for is precisely the same thing that we put up emotional barriers to protect ourselves from being hurt. Better to have loved, than to have not loved at all.   

It is my opinion that love involves acceptance and an open-minded view even when you have been hurt in the past by friends or previous relationships, how can you truly heal without love itself to take you through the healing process. When we put up barriers that can generally lead to an inner hardness that can transcend into vulnerability and not knowing who to trust. This mindset can lead to more headaches and emotional issues in our lives that generally start from not knowing how to truly love yourself. When you have learned to manage that process everything else that happens to you just becomes an experience along the way.

Accept that you are not perfect, although inside your imperfections are your emotions that are driving you to become a better human being looking for ways to improve yourself along your journey and realising the mental agility to bounce back from any bad experiences you have to experience.

The inner happiness we all seek is rooted in being content with who we are, the career we have, our family, friends, how we live, all of these things and more facilitate our happiness when we achieve and manage them correctly.

It is extremely difficult to find happiness when we question everything that we do, one thing can lead to another and before you know it you spiral into the land of misery and we all know that is not where we want to be. When we keep questioning our lives as if there has never been anything good and everything goes bad in our lives we can end up in emotional turmoil and could spend a lifetime unable to find true happiness.

In my opinion, life is about finding out what is right or wrong to you, winning and failing whilst learning, it is these moments that drive our emotions and it is at these vulnerable times that we need to manage our emotions in order to protect our happiness by understanding that life is a learning curve sometimes we are up and sometimes we feel like we are down, however it is ourselves who hold the key to the outcome of overcoming those emotions.

Life is like a canvass and you are the artist when you feel you have made a mistake in your life, work around it until you think that was your original intention.

Genuine happiness isn't about just acquiring a beautiful car, brand name clothes, earning a large income and keeping up with the Jones. It is about having your own benchmark for your own happiness and what is good for you that you want to achieve. Happiness for the amateur footballer could be to become professional, happiness for the apprentice could be to become the master tradesmen, happiness for a person who has suffered a stroke could be to take the next step. We all have our own version of happiness; the ultimate key is that we measure ourselves from within not from what we perceive externally will give us happiness.

When someone is truly happy on the inside with themself, nothing can take that away from them because they have given themselves something that cannot be bought, it is priceless and totally owned by them.

You don’t have to be the best in the world and have massive amounts of wealth to find happiness, you do what you do best and make the best of what you do. Thereafter you will find yourself smiling inside and appreciating life for life itself, the most priceless jewel on our planet that all of us have is ownership to choose the life we want to lead.

Happiness will have you laughing at your own mistakes and knowing you will do better next time around, giving your manager a piece of your mind because you know you can do better and find a better job elsewhere if the job was making you unhappy, you carry the furnace inside you that will enable you to persevere and do whatever you need to do that makes you genuinely happy.

When we learn to accept ourselves, the good and the bad parts we become the whole, that is the key step in finding genuine happiness, when you learn to love others for who they are and not seek to change them, others will start to love you for who you are and not seek to change you. In my opinion, it is important to love yourself, spread love and know how to love others, love will then give you back what you need.

In my life laughter is the best remedy for getting through life hurdles, it is my view that when you can laugh at yourself and don’t take yourself to seriously you have emitted yourself from the restrictions we place on our happiness, hereafter you are now free.

When you learn to accept yourself and your own faults. You pass step one in the project on how to become genuinely happy. For as long as you learn how to accept others, you will also be accepted. For as long as you love and know how to love, you will receive love ten folds back.

Friday, 10 April 2020 18:49

Impossible is Just a Word

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Impossible is Just a Word

Have you ever dreamed in your life of being or doing something really special that was outside your usual expectation for yourself? Did you fantasize regularly about what it would be like to achieve that goal?

How did that make you feel when you fantasized about your dream? Most of us have had those childhood dreams of being or doing something that you deemed were really special at the time?

When we achieve those goals it’s always a blessing, for those of us who give up on those goals we generally justify it with I had to sacrifice for other things such as my kids, looking after elderly parents and so on. That’s all well and good, however, remember it is never too late to go after your childhood or adult dreams.

We often have these dreams of great aspirations in our youth and as we get older those dreams and desires generally fade out and remain just that a dream, faded away into the attic of our mind to eventually be forgotten.

This can happen when we choose to settle for choices that we felt at the time was the right thing to do, instead of experiencing the adrenalin that comes from going after our dreams we can become pacifist to console ourselves into believing we made the right choices. However, do we stop to think about the wonderful adventure it would have been to go after our dreams rather than getting caught up in the rat race of having to exist from day to day working to survive?

I am not taking anything away from what we have to do when we have to do it but life swings in roundabouts and finding the desire to aim after your dreams can be so much more rewarding than settling for a life that we may not be overly happy with.

Looking back, what was the reason you gave up on going after your dream? was it because of the feeling that it was impossible to achieve came into your head so the motivation went as well?

We can get caught up with this is too hard to achieve, or it's impossible because I have too many other things going on.

Can you imagine a world that everyone gave up on their dreams? What would that world look like?

So why is it that we give up on something so special as our dreams? For us to advance in our own lives it is essential that we have dreams, dreams are what keeps us going and allows us to break through our emotional barriers to achieve above and beyond our own expectations.

Think about the logic of a bumblebee, logically it is impossible for a bumblebee to fly, because nobody told the bumblebee, it defies logic and flies around as free as ever.

On the other hand, some people suffer from dreaming and not acting on them. The result? Broken dreams, and tattered aspirations.

When you limit yourself with uncertainty and self-doubt, you will always find it difficult to break the mold. At the same time, you need to act on your goals, just dreaming is not enough. When you do not act you will only find yourself drifting up the creek without a paddle.

When you write down what is in your head it is much easier to deal with, start with your visionary goals, then break them down into your missionary goals, break them down further again into yearly objectives, then into twelve monthly targets which can then be broken down again into a weekly rota amounting to daily tasks. Operating in this method will give your mind free space to think and give you a working template to reflect on whilst working towards your dreams.

You can always take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle of what is possible and what you think is not possible, supported by the pro and cons of what you are about to do.

Look at your list daily and keep it personal to yourself, do not show anyone, treat it like it is your precious uncut diamond that you have not yet learned to cut, just imagine your masterpiece one day when you acquire the skills to cut.

When you accomplish your daily task tick them off, do not worry too much when you do not complete all your tasks as long as you are progressing that is the main focus. Give yourself a pat on the back when you accomplish a task and a pep talk to yourself when you need to do better.

Drive yourself to become an achiever, visualise your success and picture your destination daily when you wake up. When you are working towards your dream you need to live and breathe it on a daily basis, so you don’t get disillusioned.

Always keep in mind the impossible can always be achieved when you know how and persevere, man landed on the moon, planes fly all over the world, had you told someone that a few hundred years ago they would have looked at you as if you were thinking the impossible, now it is a daily reality.

Keep in mind unless you are prepared to sacrifice and go through mental pain barriers the rewards will not be fruitful. However, when you think past the unthinkable everything becomes possible.

Whatever you set out to do always remember you only live once so make the life one that you dream about rather than just settle for, keep the faith and deliver for you.