About Us

Learning selling has never been more important than in this digital age. While the fundamentals of good sales education related to your career pathway remain constant, new forms of learning sales are evolving every day.

Sales as the Centre of Education

Effective learning with technology involves far more than just sufficient hardware and software. Those who succeed in a sales learning environment shows that it takes commitment, experienced industry training, structured planning, practical and applicable resources, and regular monitoring and evaluation.

To meet the challenges of teaching SOSI implements as follows:

  • Every member needs sufficient access to computers and other mobile devices to access our online portal.
  • Every member needs professional development in how to effectively use digital tools for learning and selling, including the use of digital tools.
  • SOSI needs to ensure comprehensive information technology systems infrastructure, technical support and resources are available for learning sales.
  • Every member needs to have an initial assessment and advice and guidance session about their sales or enterprise pathway with regular reviews whilst they are learning.
  • Members need to be motivated and empowered to learn online not just left to their own resources.