Enterprise Pathway

Our enterprise pathway consists of an initial assessment, enterprise induction which consist of a series of online test and basic online sales courses. Thereafter we will identify the relevant enterprise pathway for you to progress into and start the vocational and professional enterprise courses.  Once you have chosen a pathway you will be fast-tracked through our enterprise pathway where will learn about new age sustainable selling, whilst being fast-tracked to an advanced level in professional selling by our global sales experts.

Emphasis is placed on tutoring you to transfer your knowledge obtained in the classroom into real-life situations monitoring, measuring and recording your performance levels. We allow you access to your learning and development portfolios at all times. You will also be taught the importance of becoming self-reflective practitioners for your own self-development. you will learn the ‘sports psychology’ of top business people like Steve Jobs and Richard Branson. You will be shown valuable tools that will guide you towards high-performance selling levels and eradicate any inner doubts about your ability. Our learning process is completed over an intense twelve-month period, thereafter you will have a fit for purpose entrepreneur ready to perform to the highest level to achieve sustainable results for your business.



Once you have completed your 12/24 months enterprise pathway training you can progress onto our professional enterprise program to achieve maximum outcomes.