As a vocational education, online learning college Global Educ8tions understands that starting and developing a business can be extremely challenging. You won’t always understand the next step or where to get support when needed.

We decided to set up our enterprise consultancy in collaboration with the Society of Sales Innovation sales cooperative at the college to work with micro and SME businesses in order to support your innovation and growth forward. Many of your businesses are at a very early stage and need guidance to develop sales and development plans to go to the next level.

We have a range of highly experienced and junior consultants who offer our business consultancy services overseen by senior consultants, thereby ensuring that your business development systems and processes will run efficiently and without any stress. We have a variety of sales and enterprise packages to accelerate your growth our consultants will help you to get all your groundwork completed and support you with the implementation and running of your company to ensure your success.

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We can also work with you to provide a bespoke and high-quality service. Flexible options for you to customise or spark your innovation will change as your needs and specific requirements change, our role is to facilitate and ensure your change is implemented successfully.

As an online college, we have the facilities to provide accredited training and development for your organisational skills, knowledge, and competencies from your grassroots employees into your boardroom.

We will support you to achieve your goals, making use of your expertise and upskilling staff for business change when need be. Innovation and technology with responsive delivery methods that deliver sustainable results. We work collaboratively with you to resolve every aspect of your leads to conversion challenges, from HR management to risk analysis, compliance, customer retention, and support.