Global Educ8tions Online Learning College works with a global network, allowing us to support more learners in over 40 countries achieve educational success. As an education agent, you will be a communication channel between Global Educ8tions, our partners and future learners.                                                                                                                      

We have opportunities for education agents around the world to recruit for online courses and Uk employment opportunities within their host countries, we are interested in building a larger network to facilitate ourselves and our partners.

As an education agent working in partnership with Global Educ8tions Online Learning college, you will have access to over three hundred academic and vocational courses for your prospective learners to access plus careers opportunities.

We work with you to provide a quality service for learners, it is essential that transparency in communication is at the forefront of delivery for all parties involved. You will have online and offline support and offer accredited vocational courses and support package for prospective learners.

What does G8 do?

Global Educ8tions Online Learning College offers vocational and professional courses and acts as a central delivery partner for our education partners. As well as working for Global Educ8tions Online Learning college you will also have opportunities to recruit for our academic partners in our wider network.

Global Educ8tions Online Learning college will keep you up to date with current news in vocational education, as well as introduce you to new courses to add to your portfolio.

Global Educ8tions Online Learning college also tracks, measures and monitors amongst our networks and endeavours to safeguard quality delivery for all parties within our network.

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