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Developing People "For Sustainable Careers"

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Our employment incubator has been designed for people who want to get into enterprise or related industries with limited or no experience whatsoever. Our delivery ranges from working with unemployed beneficiaries on traineeships and apprenticeships right through to over 50+ who are not engaged in the jobs market and may want to be re-skilled. 

Our employment club teaches people how to sell themselves to employers and develop themselves into self reflective practitioners, all our delivery is focused on theatre style simulation allowing learners to engage through active role play or real time with our VOIP telemarketing system and online database. 

Learners are encouraged to call employers direct and sell their skills to employers prior to sending their CV, they are also taught the art of negotiation and persuasion and are put through rigorous mock interviews prior to going for real life interviews. We also focus on presentation skills getting learners to sell themselves to a captive audience. 

We also have our own recruitment portal that we provide opportunities for our learners to access with direct support from our employment incubators. 

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