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Global Educ8tions Brochure 1 01

Developing People "For Sustainable Careers"

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Global Educ8tions firmly believes that embracing our learners views and providing structured opportunities for learners to have direct involvement in evaluating and shaping their own learning experience has a significant and effective impact on developing Global Educ8tions quality improvement systems and processes.


Increasing learner success rates and developing our learners as effective citizens in the wider community. 

All learners, individually and collectively, have an entitlement to participate in the co-production of their learning provider experience and in the evaluation of their learning and teaching through the mechanisms of engagement detailed in this document. 


  • Empowerment

  • Dedicated

  • Understanding

  • Competent

  • Ambitious

  • Team

  • Inclusive

  • Outstanding

  • Nurture

  • Success and Accreditation's

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